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donate a ventilator  

Special edition: AIRA – Red  

In an effort to expedite ventilator production, you have the opportunity to fund one of the FIRST 100 ventilators manufactured. 

For only $5,000 a device will be built in your name or in honor of someone special. Donated ventilators will include a named plaque, as well as the special edition red banner. 

These first 100 ventilators will be hand delivered to the US hospitals most in need, in an effort to help save save lives during this time of crisis. 

This product is not yet approved or cleared by the FDA.

More details on AIRA’s functionality below.  


Easy to Use

AIRA is designed to handle the needs of patients with acute respiratory issues. AIRA offers a sleek look and a modern solution with an LCD user interface for a seamless user experience.


Innovative Supply Chain

AIRA doesn’t rely on the overwhelmed medical supply chain. Designed to manufacture, Aira can be rapidly produced in high quantity.


Simple Integration

A simple & intuitive ventilator that eliminates the need for robust onboarding training. AIRA can be integrated almost instantly into operation.


Ventilator Modes

Pressure control (PCV) 

Allows the practitioner to control ventilatory pressure throughout the cycle in order to generate the pressure necessary to expand the collapsed alveoli.


Volume control 

Defines the volume administered to the patient (tidal volume Vt as the control variable). Airway pressure results from the compliance of the lungs and the inhaled volume.


Pressure Support (PSV)

A flow-cycled modality in which, as in A/C ventilation, every breath is assisted and the positive pressure is automatically terminated at the end of inspiration.