Test Engineer Intern

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The Ventilator Project, a new non-profit startup located at MassRobotics in the Seaport district of Boston, is on a mission to construct a low-cost, universally accessible ventilator that can save the lives of Covid-19 and other patients of respiratory illnesses worldwide. Tyler Mantel, founder of Watertower Robotics, sought out to address the biggest problems with ventilators during the Covid-19 pandemic: the cost of ventilators, which can be upwards of $40,000 apiece, and the lack of parts to build them given the bottlenecks in the supply chain for medical grade parts. The Ventilator Project’s mission is thus to rapidly prototype, build and ship ventilators built from readily available parts at a fraction of the price ($5,000).


The Ventilator Project is looking for a manufacturing test development engineer who is either electrical or mechanical engineering focused. This individual will be making sure the equipment matches key product requirements, writing specifications, conducting in-house testing, helping document said requirements of equipment, and other duties as needed.


  • Writing test plans and creating test cases for the product.
  • Conducting quality assurance and designing performance tests using the new testing procedures.
  • Troubleshooting any errors and streamlining the testing procedures.
  • Ensuring all tests and procedures meet company and industry standards.
  • Preparing test reports for management.


Required Skills:

  • Junior to Senior level engineer
  • Excellent communicator and strong interpersonal skills
  • This position is on-site with flexibility to work part-time as well as remotely, but expected to be on-site a couple times a week.

Ideal Skills:

  • Comfort in understanding and utilizing advanced biological and/or engineering terminology in both writing and speaking
  • Experience with organizational analytical methods

The team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and skill sets, but each of us share a common calling: we couldn’t continue to sit and wait. We knew it was time to step up and find a solution.

LOCATION: Boston, on-site

DISCLOSURE: Current on-site volunteers are working in an isolated office setting while practicing safe social distancing practices. We have gloves and masks readily available, and the office space is professionally cleaned several times throughout the week. 

Please Apply Here: https://k7y.pl/s/umPQM