Project Manager

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The Company

The Ventilator Project is looking for a portfolio manager who will be responsible for oversight and administration of project management policy and operations. This individual will be holding project managers accountable for their respective team deadlines, project targets, and budgets. They will also oversee the recruitment and onboarding process for the project managers of The Ventilator Project. The individual will also act as an interdepartmental communications liaison, as well as a bridge between the executive and director level communications. The portfolio manager is responsible for knowing the progress of all ongoing and future projects for all departments and will ensure that on-site operations, employee relations, and communication is executed successfully by facilitating weekly stand-ups and one-on-ones with project managers, following up on the status of projects for each department and streamlining any collaborative, communicative or other bottlenecks ensuring the efficiency of applications and operations. 


The Ventilator Project is looking for a project manager who will be responsible for oversight and management of operations and policy execution in one of TVP’s nine departments (Engineering, Executive, Finance & Fundraising, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Product Management, Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Sales). The individual will act as an internal communications liaison between their assigned department and all other departments of The Ventilator Project, and is responsible for knowing the progress of all ongoing and future Department projects. This individual will also be responsible for executing and monitoring the initiatives and vision of their department’s Vice President and ensuring that all department volunteers are informed and on-track to complete each project. Experience in the field of a specific department is encouraged, but not required. 


  • Experienced with project management in interpersonal industries and multi-departmental companies
  • Excellent communicator and strong interpersonal skills
  • Proven leadership experience in managing projects with various team members, stakeholders, and timelines.
  • Ability to demonstrate robust organizational skills, time-management, scheduling, and complex details
    • Managed logistics and business transactions with business entities
    • This position is on-site only.
  • Ideal Skills:
    • Simple web design experience, or willingness to learn. Mostly for organizational purposes. If not via website, applicant should have an efficient way to track and organize data.
    • Experience with organizational analytical methods.
    • Experience conducting recruitment interviews or informational interviews and candidate selection.
      The team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and skill sets, but each of us share a common calling: we couldn’t continue to sit and wait. We knew it was time to step up and find a solution.

Please apply here: https://k7y.pl/s/vTbZ4