Supply Developer Intern

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The Company

The Ventilator Project is a new non-profit startup located at MassRobotics in the Seaport district of Boston. Our mission to construct a low-cost, universally accessible ventilator that can save the lives of Covid-19 patients experiencing respiratory illnesses worldwide. Current ventilators can cost upwards of $40,000. Our goal is to rapidly prototype, build & ship ventilators built from readily available parts for a fraction of this price, providing hospitals & patients with a cheaper alternative. Everyone deserves a chance to fight COVID19, fight with us.  

DISCLOSURE: Current on-site volunteers are working in an isolated office setting while practicing safe social distancing practices. We have gloves and masks readily available, and the office space is professionally cleaned several times throughout the week.


The Ventilator Project is looking for a knowledgeable supply developer. This individual ideally has experience in a supply managing, developing, or directing role. They will be comfortable at running down leads, managing suppliers and agents, and overall being a force multiplier of disciplines.

Required Skills

Required Skills:

  • Excellent communicator and strong interpersonal skills
  • This position is on-site only. Flexibility to work part-time as well as remotely, but expected to be on-site at minimum a few times a week.

Ideal Skills:

  • Comfort in understanding and utilizing advanced biological and/or engineering terminology in both writing and speaking
  • Experience with organizational analytical methodsĀ 
  • Excellent time management

Please apply here: https://k7y.pl/s/zwfln