QCE Project Manager

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The Ventilator Project is looking for a project manager for our Quality and Compliance Engineering team, who will be responsible for establishing communication channels, keeping track of milestones, and managing projects delegated to staff members within the division. This individual will keep track of daily objectives within the compliance team and have check-ins with each member. They will hold weekly meetings with the division in order to ensure steady progress or eliminate any foreseeable problems. In working with other project managers, they will be the main contact between each team in order to remain on schedule. Furthermore, they will maintain correspondence with our external testing facility. 


  • Experienced with project management in a healthcare, regulatory, or engineering environment 
  • Proven leadership experience in managing projects with various team members, internal stakeholders, and timelines.  
  • Excellent communicator and strong interpersonal skills
  • Managed logistics and business transactions with clients, corporate partners, and/or external stakeholders
  • Ability to demonstrate robust organizational skills, time-management, scheduling, and complex details 
  • This position is on-site only. Flexibility to work part-time as well as remotely but expected to be on-site at minimum a few times a week.


  • Available on a typical work schedule
  • Engineering knowledge

Please apply here: https://k7y.pl/s/JBKGv