Hardware Engineer

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The Ventilator Project is a new non-profit startup located at MassRobotics in the Seaport district of Boston. Our mission to construct a low-cost, universally accessible ventilator that can save the lives of Covid-19 patients experiencing respiratory illnesses worldwide. Current ventilators can cost upwards of $40,000. Our goal is to rapidly prototype, build & ship ventilators built from readily available parts for a fraction of this price, providing hospitals & patients with a cheaper alternative. Everyone deserves a chance to fight COVID19, fight with us.

Job Summary:

In this role, the Hardware Engineer will help develop hardware to take the ventilator from design/prototype phase to beginnings of production. The Hardware Engineer is expected to be able to take ownership of a project and communicate the progress with the engineering team. Some key responsibilities include designing mechanical parts in CAD, prototyping with 3D printers and laser cutting. The role will include, but is not limited to, various tasks working with a modelled tubing airflow system, making design decisions and written reports based on design requirements, making top-down design choices about system requirements based on FDA guidelines, manufacturing requirements, and ventilator functions, and making critical decisions in a fast-moving environment with the goal of saving lives.

Required Skills:

  • Background in Engineering, Physics, or related field required
  • Hands on mechanical build and testing experience
  • Understanding and experience with flow systems
  • Experience designing and implementing controls
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Experience with rapid prototyping

Ideal Skills:

  • Experience with Solidworks CAD and Flow Simulation Package
  • Basic knowledge and experience with coding in C and Arduino
  • Experience with iterative design and design for manufacturing
  • Previous experience with start-up environments

Please apply here: https://k7y.pl/s/SEPi3